10 Ways Local Dealerships Beat Carvana By Good Marketing

July 4, 2024
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It's no secret that the traditional car buying process can be a bit of a hassle. From negotiating prices to dealing with pushy salespeople, there are plenty of ways for buyers to feel taken advantage of. And then there's the whole issue of finding a trustworthy dealership in the first place.Carvana has emerged as a solution to many of these problems. The online car buying and selling platform offers a convenient, no-hassle way to buy a car. And because Carvana is a direct-to-consumer business, it doesn't have the same high overhead costs as traditional dealerships. That means that Carvana can offer lower prices on its vehicles.So how do local dealerships compete with Carvana? The answer lies in good marketing. Here are 10 ways that local dealerships can beat Carvana by using better marketing techniques:

1. Use SEO to improve visibility

The first step is to make sure that potential customers can actually find your dealership. That's where SEO comes in. By optimizing your website for relevant keywords, you can ensure that your dealership shows up in search engine results when people are looking for a place to buy a car.

2. Invest in pay-per-click ads

As well as organic SEO, you can also use paid advertising to improve your visibility. Pay-per-click ads can be an effective way to reach potential customers who are actively searching for a car.

3. Create helpful and informative content

If you want people to choose your dealership over Carvana, you need to show them that you're an authority on the car-buying process. Creating helpful and informative content is a great way to do this. Whether you write blog posts, create videos, or produce infographics, make sure that your content is designed to help potential customers through the buying process.

4. Make use of social media

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching potential customers. Make sure that you're using social media to promote your dealership and its unique selling points.

5. Offer a great customer experience

Make sure that your dealership offers a great customer experience from start to finish. From the initial enquiry through to the test drive and beyond, every interaction should be positive and informative.

6. Be transparent with pricing

Carvana has built its reputation on being transparent with pricing. Local dealerships should follow suit. Be upfront about the price of vehicles, as well as any additional fees such as delivery charges.

7. Offer a no-haggle policy

Haggling can be a major turn-off for car buyers. If you want to attract customers who are put off by the traditional negotiation process, consider offering a no-haggle policy.

8. Provide a hassle-free returns policy

Car buyers often worry about being stuck with a car that they're not happy with. Offer a hassle-free returns policy to give potential customers peace of mind.

9. Make use of technology

Carvana has succeeded in part because of its use of technology. Local dealerships can use technology to their advantage, too. From online chatbots to virtual reality test drives, there are plenty of ways to use tech to improve the customer experience.

10. Keep your finger on the pulse

Finally, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. Keep your finger on the pulse and make sure that you're using the latest techniques to reach potential customers.By following these 10 steps, local dealerships can beat Carvana at its own game. It's time to start fighting back against the online giants!


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